Out Of Cheese Error


The christmas before last, I gave a christmas present - the first 'official' gift I'd given her. Included in it was a little aluminium LED keychain torch, whose biggest feature was that it was click-on/click-off instead of the 'push down and hold' buttons of most keychain lights - much easier for the lass to use with her hands as they are.

Today, in a minor accident, she dropped it, and it smashed onto the concrete and disintegrated - the internals flew out and were lost. Given the sentimental attachment, and that it was bloody handy, she was rather distraught at all this - she used the thing almost daily, such torches are not very common, and it'd been a present to boot.

I, meanwhile, was merely glad *she* was alright (the torch be damned!), and said we'd replace it. However, we'd bought it from FirstIn, a web company that specialises in 'one day only' specials emailed to you each morning, and this one had been from two years ago to boot. Given the only information I had to go on was 'Mini Powerlight' from the email description, we were kinda stuck. So I emailed FirstIn, and in asking if they were able to give me more details so that I could dig it up, gave the details of the days events - given their usual response is "we do one-day-only deals, kind of the point, kindly go away" to queries about old offers, I figured it wouldn't hurt to explain the extenuating circumstances behind the request.

I got an email an hour later:

"Hi, [Reiver]

Thanks for the note, and sorry to hear about your partner's misfortune. I have looked into this and managed to track down some available stock for you.

I have spoken to the supplier, and they are sending a new unit to you tonight on NZ Couriers. After hearing your story, there's no way we could charge you for this, so it's on us!

Adam Brown"

... I would have been thankful if they gave me the suppliers contact details, or somethin'.

Yeah, I think I'll be buying from them again.

Dragon Ball Z movie...

So. It is in my not-so-humble opinion that Dragonball Z, um, sucks. You know, really sucks.
A movie based off it could surely be distilled suck, as the average live action adaptation of an animated series must, by default, be.

Yet something in it calls to me anyway?
I do not know. Maybe it's because it's got the guy from Bulletproof Monk, and I loved that movie for its quotent of pure silleh?
Or maybe because you can just tell that it's going to be pure unadultered cheese from start to finish?

Though you know, maybe those two are the same reason.
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[Meme] New Years Resolutions

In 2008, reaverta resolves to...
Buy new game mechanics.
Find a new irc.
Start a nightstar fund.
Learn to play the invisiblemoose.
Lose ten computers by March.
Admit my true feelings to jordanis.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Weeell... I have been meaning to pick up a copy of Mutants & Masterminds at some point, but setting up a fundraising venture for Nightstar simultaneously with leaving it sounds a bit odd. I could also, um, ditch one computer? That's 10 without a zero, right? And everyone knows that zeros are nothing, so it works... I think...

As for Jordanis, though... I'm sorry man, it's all true! I've been holding in these feelings for a long time now, but I loooooooooove yooooooooouuuuuuu! ... Wait. Wasn't meant to say that till new years. Damn!

Reiver Headshavey 2008

Hokay, so, I've spoken of this before, but I may as well confirm matters to be set in stone:

I am shaving my head (Yes, including beard) for the charity called CanTeen.
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For those of you not able to make it due to, say, that pesky puddle of water that would get in the way, but keen to donate out all he same: I've set up a PayPal link. I've not done this before, so if there's any problems let me know...

Don't worry, there shall be pictures! :)

Your Mother Wouldn't Approve... but mine did

Attended a most exciting and enjoyable party yesterday, full of strange food and stranger costumes. Alas, my own attempt burned - however, it seems that was for the best, because I tried to make the Tomato Coconut Soup again tonight and I was frankly dissapointed - the dried cocunut stayed really gritty, and not at all nice as a texture in the soup. Ah well, they can't all be successes, I suppose? Something like that.

It was good to dress up - my own costume was a set of ragged, tattered old overalls my mother handed to me en route to auckland - my mother doesn't care what I wear, but we were a dairy farm... "NO OVERALLS IN THE HOUSE!" was thus heard an amusing number of times, so I went with it. She pointed out while handing them to me that actually, she didn't mind clean overalls in the house so long as they weren't dirty or too ragged... so promptly handed me a tattered set. Telling your mother the party theme can work out, apparently!

Even better though, was the chance to relax and hang out with my friends again - it's especially nice that spinneretta and NightRain have met the locals, because being able to catch up with them in the same evening as the local group was double bonus.

...Especially because yesterday was my one day off to have time out in the end-of-semester crunch. *dives back into it*

Cheers, folks. Happy birthday, te_hazazel. See you all in a week or two...
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No-one would happen to have a spare game controller on hand, perchance?

I've recently become curious about playing various games that would be vastly more usable with a game controller than without. Thus, I am curious as to whether anyone around here has something like a PSX game controller designed for the PC, and if they'd be willing to lend it? You know, something like:

(Though it need not be so fancy, of course.)

This is a temporary request, of course - if I like it enough I'll buy one myself, but I'd rather not spend money without knowing I'm going to be interested in the thing for more than five minutes.
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Out Of Cheese Error

Nightstar Public Service Announcement: Brought to you by Hurricane Ike

The Nightstar IRC server Troika, along with the Nightstar website, forum, and nightstar.net domain all route to a server in Houston, Texas. We lost contact with them a couple hours ago... which is incidentally about the point that Hurricane Ike had been passing overhead.

The guy in charge of them has been notified, and has responded that yes, he's quite aware of it - he's also living in Houston, Texas, which has a hurricane overhead, so is understandibly somewhat limited in his abilities to repair things at the immediate moment.

Deepthought and Blargh are still alive, but without the hostname resolving, if you lose the connection you've bad odds of reconnecting for the next couple hours due to the entire *.nightstar.net domain being down.

Instead, try these IP addresses:
Blargh: (You may need to connect on a non-6667 port, like 6668)

Thank you for your patience, and we apologise for any inconvinience.
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